Jody & Rick

Rick and I just went over the ceremony. We love the way the  ceremony all  comes together. We are so glad you are our officiant. Thank  you again.  




Thank you for your personal presentation and sensitivity. We felt very comfortable having you preside over our ceremony. 



We love the ceremony, it's perfect. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day.   




On one of the most important days of a woman, you captured the true meaning of my relationship with my husband to be.  
The  day we met, you took the time to not only listen, but through  your  eyes you could see what we meant to each other. You were able to  also  see how important it was for us to include my 3 children and Mike's  4.  You gave us a way to marry, not just as a couple, but as 2 families  coming together and becoming one. The Medallion Ceremony was the  perfect  way to do that.
We  also felt the need to include our mothers, so we were able  to show  them that we will keep our family values and bring them with us  as we  start our new life as husband and wife.
The vows you brought to us and changed to suit us made such a heartfelt, not-a-dry-eye-in-sight ceremony.
Words can not express how you made a little girl's dream come to a reality as a woman who found her prince charming.
The deepest thank you can not express how much my day meant to me with the help of you.



Susan & Jeff

Thank you for being a part of our wedding and a part of the wonderful  memories we'll have forever. We can't thank you enough for the beautiful  ceremony you held for us. We had such a remarkable wedding day! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love,

Jody & Steve

Thank you so much for being the Justice of the Peace for our wedding day. You made it very special for the both of us.
Thanks again. 

Nicole & Charles

Thanks for getting this back to us so quickly! It was great to meet you  last week and we're really glad to have you as our officiant for our big  day!

Lisa & Matt

Thank you for making our wedding day so incredibly special. The ceremony  was perfect. Everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did and how  meaningful the ceremony was. You did a great job and everyone loved  you, including us!

Thank you for making our wedding day so special. We will treasure it always.

Megan & Michael

We can't thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony. You made our  wedding day so special and we have gotten so many compliments on how you  made the ceremony very unique and special. You were absolutely  wonderful. Everything turned out exactly how we wanted it.

I can't thank you enough for being so kind and genuine. We were so fortunate to have you as part of our wedding day.

A million thank you's. 

Andres and Aimee

We just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! Everyone  loved the way you conducted it and made it personal for us...Also, thank  you for getting the documents processed so quickly. We needed our  marriage certificate right away and we were able to get it within five  days after the ceremony.